Landscape Design Project

Garden landscaping is an extraordinary investment, upgrading the beauty and worth of your property. We are one of the leading design companies in Dubai, and our ideology is to accomplish delightful gardens to add loftiness to your lifestyle. The quality of our projects, contribution, and inventiveness will help produce and keep an amazing green spot around your premises. The internal and external decorations are amazingly executed by our team of talented experts.

- Stages of landscape design

The first stage is the survey work, which incorporates a collection of standard information and a complete study of the site. We concentrate on topography, soils, groundwater level, etc.

The second stage is a making of a garden landscaping plan with the utilization of all information's gathered on the first stage. The following models decide the quality of the project.

  • Functional (unwavering quality of designs, security of plant development to ecological conditions, etc.).
  • Aesthetic (fitting to the requirements of the client, giving the imaginative expressiveness of the objecy).

Plans and projects of garden design

  • The General Plan is the essential document. It distinguishes the current and proposed plantings, buildings, structures, hard landscaping, street and path network, water gadgets and different items in the garden.
  • Dendrological plan – is an expansion to the General Plan. It incorporates all retained and proposed plantings.
  • Street plan and path network, project engineering services, plan of ground leveling and land recovery regions (if required).

A well-designed garden landscape doesn't just meet the individual taste and needs but additionally increases the value of the property. Requesting a landscape service from Laarte Studio, you get designed drawings and plantings, etc.

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